I am a registered professional engineer still learning how this site works.
Some years later still have not come to grips with blogging. Unfortunately not enough time after doing business accounts. Can add I am still a registered Chemical Engineer who also has an MBA. I have a libertarian philosophy. Best practice, costs and innovation are basic facets of engineering. The environmental movement (AGW, anti-nuclear, sustainability, anti-development, etc) is the opposite of good engineering.
Feynman says here http://joannenova.com.au/2014/10/the-scientific-method-in-61-seconds/ that scientists guess a theory then set out experiments to prove or disprove it. If the theory can not be falsified then it is not a good theory and should be discarded.
Engineering is different. Engineers first make measurements and experiments then develop relationships to allow them to extend their knowledge at the boundaries (eg the building of the Pyramids from the first Stepped Pyramid to the Great Pyramid of Giza). When developing a new process or production engineers go through one or several pilot stages. Consideration of capital and long term operating costs are behind every successful process. Engineers have advanced civilisation ever since the first building (a temple structure about 10,000 BC in Turkey) and the first metal smelting (lead around 7000 BC also in Turkey)

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  1. HI
    I am a retired professional engineer. A good part of my career has been involved with high pressure natural gas pipelines, and the compressor sets that are used for this purpose. The remainder has bee in power generation, as I am considered a gas turbine specialist. I endorse your post regarding CH4. I have often wondered how this postulation that methane is twenty times as “bad” as CO2. I think you’ve nailed it. Essentially, twenty times zero is still zero.

  2. I’m a retired Professional Engineer, and climate alchemy is the worst science since the world was flat. Read my article at FauxScienceSlayer and be skeptical of over paid, under trained, bobble head professors with peer/pal reviewed echo chamber hypothesis.

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